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HYDRANGEA macrophylla
´Dolly Buster´® (´Bodalan´)

Mophead Hydrangea ´Dolly Buster´®
thrives in full sun thrives in partial shade label NEW
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The 'Dolly Buster'® Hydrangea is the garden star! The 'Dolly Buster'® hydrangea cuts a fine... more
HYDRANGEA macrophylla ´Dolly Buster´® (´Bodalan´) Ⓢ

The 'Dolly Buster'® Hydrangea is the garden star!

The 'Dolly Buster'® hydrangea cuts a fine figure everywhere: even in wind and weather it looks like freshly styled. Suitable as a flowering shrub in the garden bed, as a flowering hedge and in a planter on the patio and balcony. In entrance and entryway areas, 'Dolly Buster' adds style & flair in tasteful containers. Also the house decorate the huge flowers as stylish flower decoration on the table and table, as a lush bouquet of flowers in the vase.

Spectacular new cultivar from China, growth medium-high, compact, 1.5 m high and wide, with very stable, strong flower branches that do not bend even in the rain; huge flower balls up to 35 cm in diameter with enormous effect; blooms on one-year-old wood, July to October, depending on soil reaction from light pink to bluish, green-purple when fading until autumn - a surprise in the hydrangea assortment, which sells itself as an "eye-catcher" in sales beds and is very suitable for floristry. K, S, St. Zone 6b. LB registered trademark - Community plant variety right EU 52390. protected variety - unauthorized reproduction prohibited! Obligatory, original 'Dolly Buster'® labels and branded 'Dolly Buster'® containers are  supplied free of charge along with the liners.  

More information: www.dollybuster-hortensie.de


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