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PHYSOCARPUS opulifolius
´Diabolo´® (´KOJUPOD´)

Purple Ninebark ´Diabolo´®
thrives in full sun thrives in partial shade thrives in shade label
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A striking, medium-fast-growing shrub, 3 to 4 m tall and equally wide, with many side shoots... more
PHYSOCARPUS opulifolius ´Diabolo´® (´KOJUPOD´)

A striking, medium-fast-growing shrub, 3 to 4 m tall and equally wide, with many side shoots from ground level; young shoots mahagony-bronze, older shoots dark bronze with chapped, flaky bark; leaves metallic dark red, turning bronze-red in autumn, up to 13 cm long, with mainly 5 lobes, either curly toothed or pointed; flowers appear in June/July, borne in up to 5 cm wide umbellated racemes, creamy white with yellow throat and stamens, giving a strong contrast to the dark red foliage - ´Diabolo´ was selected as the only red-leaved plant from 120,000 seedlings of P. opulifolius by H. T. SCHADENDORF, Ellerbek; a new and extraordinary ornamental shrub with a distinct colour intensity, especially effective in combination with yellow-leaved woody plants. Value of this cultivar lies not only in the colour tone of its foliage - it is absolutely frost-hardy, tolerant to heat, dryness or wetness. It grows in sunny or shady positions in either moist, dry, acidic or even calcareous soils. It is suitable as specimen plant, for planting in groups or for hedges. It also serves as protection against wind and gives good visual barrier, is suitable for bird protection, as a honey-producing plant or for floral decoration. A `universal` ornamental woody plant that masters almost all requirements. Silver Medallion Award winner at the Plantarium Boskoop in 1995. H, K, R, S, St. Zone 4. German Trademark 397005741. Variety protected by trademark!


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