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´Greatberry´® - a super berry from Canada

Have a great berry!

´Greatberry´® are also known as Saskatoon Berry or June Berry. The wild fruit has been cultivated in plantations in its Canadian homeland for decades and is also very popular as a garden ornemental. The berries have a high concentration of antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamin C.

´Greatberry´® are picked directly from the shrub.
Or processed into delicious jams, fruity juice, delicious cakes or creamy ice cream.
Juicy-sweet fruits with an almond aroma.
Attractive in the garden, also works in the big pot on terrace and balcony.
Easy to maintain, unpretentious, extremely hardy.
Year-round beautiful ornamental because of bloom, fruit, autumn coloring.

´Greatberry´® are robust and healthy plants which tolerate temperatures of up to – 40º degrees celsius. The more sturdy upright shrubs or small trees are 1.5 m to 4 m high. The white, self-pollinating flowers in April/May are followed in June by blue-black-frosted approx. 1.5 cm large berries. The fruits are sweet and juicy in taste and have a nutty almond aroma. All varieties are abundantly fertile, versatile in the kitchen as well as U-pick, flower hedge, wind protection and bee pasture.

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NEW: For every bought variety of the Amelanchier 'Greatberry®' you will get an extraordinary, original C5 'Greatberry®' pot.

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