´Orange Energy´®

The marketable range with large revenue opportunities

Wild fruit and rare fruit trees are a market niche where large growth rates can be achieved. Many wild fruit trees are largely without problems to cultivate and need only low maintenace. The segment is particularly attractive due to its versatility, hence the importance in cultivation and the interest in new varieties is increasing.

Meanwhile, there are many varieties with special fruit value available. They have a higher level of quality, yield and ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Now especially Sea Buckthorn and Elderberry have become nationwide importance in cultivation. But even Goji and Chokeberry are "everyone's talking about", because their fruits are attributed to have an preventive effect on infections like cancer and heart attack.

Most varieties cannot be eaten raw due to their special ingredients. But in the "finished" form such as jam, juice or tea they provide a most welcome change compared to the traditional fruit. Especially mini Kiwis, Lonicera kamtschatika, Amelanchier and Cornel are raw consumable. Also the multiple benefits as using valuable ingredients for cosmetics enhance the attractiveness of the range of wild fruit.

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