The new Logo!

According to the maxim "Quality from the beginning" it stands for our core values innovation, quality and service. And yet it is more than just a beautiful shell. It reflects that you and your interests are in the focus of all our activities. For this reason it is an important factor of innovation, which inspires us to new ideas and supports us that efficiency and quality systematically continue to increase. The modern design is perfectly tailored to the new challenges where we want to meet with you and yet unmistakably refers to its origin.

The new logo is an advantage for you. It gives you the certainty that you have made the right decision for your company by purchasing Kordes liners. Like you the claims that we have on us and our plants are above-average. Already at the time of purchase you recognize the value of the plants and thus benefit from the quick and successful further culture of a contemporary range with best Kordes young plants. In addition your sales increase even more if you benefit from the new label service and Marketing concepts like Plant and Promotion. These services you can easily obtain from us with no additional expenses. Consistently we have in the past based on your needs.

With the new logo, we renew this promise. As usual you will receive from us young plants in best Kordes quality. In the future we support you with new varieties, services and innovative concepts to increase your sales.

Success breeds success!
Kordes Jungpflanzen

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