Top Seller of the season

The top seller of the 2015 season. Our top five were all trees and shrubs which offer added value. Included are smaller garden forms such as Hydrangea paniculata ´Little Lime´® or ornamental shrubs with a long flowering period like Syringa ´Bloomerang´® ´Pink Perfume´Ⓢ. Also formal plants such as Thuja occidentalis ´Mecki´® as a replacement for Buxus and Rhamnus frangula ´Fine Line´® were in demand. A very good seller was Prunus laurocerausus ´Etna´®. An excellent, especially hardy and versatile novelty.

The Top Five Selllers 2015 in alphabetical order:
Hydrangea paniculata ´Little Lime´®
Prunus laurocerausus ´Etna´®
Rhamnus frangula ´Fine Line´®
Syringa ´Bloomerang´® ´Pink Perfume´Ⓢ
Thuja occidentalis ´Mecki´®

Now is the time to start with liners in "strong qualitiy". Pot the varieties, the commercial is asking for. To achieve good sales and good prices you need new varieties with a strong marketing in your range.

Popular varieties and novelties are sold out quickly. So don't hesitate and and order the best varieties for the new season.

Christian Kordes and Malte Morgner look forward to your call at +49 (0)4106-4011.

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