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Vaccinium corymbosum ´Blue Gold´ VACCINIUM corymbosum
´Blue Gold´
Vaccinium ´Blue Gold´
VACCINIUM corymbosum ´Elizabeth´ VACCINIUM corymbosum
(USA 1966)((´Katharine´ x ´Jersey´) x ´Scammell´))
VACCINIUM ´Elizabeth´
VACCINIUM corymbosum ´Elliott´ VACCINIUM corymbosum
VIBURNUM dentatum ´Blue Muffin´® (´CHRISTOM´) VIBURNUM dentatum
´Blue Muffin´® (´CHRISTOM´)
Arrowwood Viburnum ´Blue Muffin´®
VIBURNUM dilatatum ´Cardinal Candy´® (´HENNEKE´) VIBURNUM dilatatum
´Cardinal Candy´® (´HENNEKE´)
Viburnum ´Cardinal Candy´®
VIBURNUM farreri ´Nanum´ VIBURNUM farreri
Dwarf Fragrant Viburnum
VIBURNUM farreri (= fragrans) VIBURNUM farreri
(= fragrans)
Fragrant Viburnum
VIBURNUM nudum ´Brandywine´® (´BULK´) VIBURNUM nudum
´Brandywine´® (´BULK´)
Naked Viburnum, Smooth Witherod, Possumhaw ´Brandywine`®
VIBURNUM opulus ´Roseum´(= ´Sterile´) VIBURNUM opulus
(= ´Sterile´)
Snowball Tree
VIBURNUM plicatum ´Mariesii´ (= tomentosum ´Mariesii´) VIBURNUM plicatum
(= tomentosum ´Mariesii´)
Japanese Snowball ´Mariesii´
VIBURNUM plicatum ´Opening Day´(´PIIVIB II´)Ⓢ FE® VIBURNUM plicatum
´Opening Day´(´PIIVIB II´) FE®
Japanese Snowball ´Opening Day´®
´Flip Side´® (´BAILTEXONE´) FE®
Chaste Tree ´Flip Side´®
VITEX agnus-castus ´Blue Diddley´® (´SMVACBD´)Ⓢ PW® VITEX agnus-castus
´Blue Diddley´® (´SMVACBD´) PW®
Compact chaste tree´Blue Diddley´®
VITEX agnus-castus ´Magical® Summertime Blues´ (=´Helen Froehlich´)Ⓢ VITEX agnus-castus
´Magical® Summertime Blues´
(=´Helen Froehlich´)
Chaste Tree ´Magical® Summertime Blues´
VITEX agnus-castus latifolia (= angus-castus macrophylla) VITEX agnus-castus latifolia
(= angus-castus macrophylla)
Chaste Tree
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