The power berry from asia

A power package effects inside Goji berries. The fruits with the probably most vital substances in the world grow on Lycium barbarum, also known as Box thorn and wolfberry. They contain 2000 percent more antioxidants than cranberries as well as proteins, vitamins and minerals. The egg-shaped, scarlet to orange colored fruits have conquered the European lifestyle and health market in the form of dry fruits, juices and tea in a short time.

Lycium barbarum is a drought- and heat-resistant plant with high ornamental value and great ability to regenerate. It is undemanding and easy in culture, resists frost to about - 25 degrees and self-pollinating. Existing Red currant harvesters can be used in slightly modified form ideal for mechanical harvesting.

The new varieties ´Big Lifeberry´®, ´No. 1 Lifeberry´ ® and ´Sweet Lifeberry´® are high-performance varieties for growing plantation - selected according to crop, ingredients and taste.

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