The thick blue

Vaccinium corymbosum or highbush blueberrys are healthy and tasty. Studies on the health value of blueberries produce startling insights. Here lies the great opportunity that should use all growers in the advertising for her fresh market product to further expand the market potential.

Blueberry crops are crops that are productive about 20-25 years. Their harvest extends from July to September. During the full income an average income of about ten tons per hectare can be expected. They are hardy, little prone to diseases and pests and require only a suitable location.

The decision for a variety is influenced by many factors. Each fruit farm is a very individual location by its climatic and soil conditions, cultivation and harvest and marketing strategies. In addition, climate change and changing farming methods will shape the appearance of future plantations.

To meet these requirements, we constantly optimize the range. Among these are proven as well as new and promising varieties.

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