Sea buckthorn – Cultivation, Harvesting, Assortment


Sea buckthorn booms. In the past few years this robust genus experienced a great comeback. The fruits have very valuable ingredients and an almost universal use – from drinks, food supplements, and cosmetics to even medicinal usage.

Exclusively we present the new book “Sea Buckthorn – Cultivation, Harvesting, Assortment”. Here you find lots of useful information about this multifaceted plantation, pioneer and garden plant. It shows knowledge in a compact form. Concisely you will be informed on 48 pages about the cultivation of Sea Buckthorn in English and German language. Numerous, partly unpublished photographs are illustrating planting, care and harvesting arrangements. The most important varieties are described in detail.

The author Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Albrecht is an expert about Sea Buckthorn. Since 50 years he is engaged in breeding, crop growing and cultivation of this robust plant. His experiences and valuable information are useful for a successful Sea buckthorn cultivation.

Sea Buckthorn
H. J. Albrecht
Format 14,8 cm x 21 cm
ISBN 978-3-00-022509-3
15,00 Euro (inkl. VAT)

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Sea buckthorn – Cultivation, Harvesting, Assortment
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